Working Offline

Working Offline

The easiest way to create zūmiboxes is with the cloud-based zūmiCreator.  With the zūmiCreator, wherever you have an Internet connection you can design zūmiboxes.

If however you want to work offline, we offer free downloadable templates.  To download a template, go to the downloads page and select the template that matches the box you want to design.

Then download the template file.

Working in Adobe Illustrator, or comparable

  • 1. Download Illustrator template from the Template Downloads page.
  • 2. Notice the layering. Make sure you are working in the correct layer.
  • 3. Design your zūmibox around the template with text, pictures, objects, etc.
  • 4. Delete or hide the template layer so that it does not print on your zūmibox.

A test print on plain paper prior to using your zūmibox paperboard is recommended.