Printing Help

Printing Help

After designing your zūmibox, the zūmicreator will output a high resolution pdf file for you to download and print.
Before printing, it is a good idea to check you printer’s default settings (in your print dialog box) to ensure proper alignment between the pdf and your zūmibox sheet.

Alignment of Printed Image and zūmibox Sheet

1. Set “Scaling” to “None” or “100%” (depending upon your operating system)

2. Turn off  “Auto Rotate”

3. Set Paper Size to:  8.5″ X 11″ (or 5.5″ X 8.5″ for half size zūmiboxes)

If after making the above adjustments, your image still does not align with the zūmibox sheet, check your printer’s margin restrictions.
Some printers cannot print borderless images on a page and will, during image processing, shrink your pdf images to fit images to their margin limitations.
To prevent your printer from shrinking/distorting your image:

1. Open “Custom Paper Sizes” from within your print dialog box;

2. under “Non-Printable Area” select the “User Defined” option; and,

3. enter “0.12” for top, bottom, left and right  margins.

Loading zūmibox Sheets In The Printer

For best results, manually feed zūmibox sheets through your printer one sheet at a time.
Some printers require paper to be loaded “print side up” and some require paper to be loaded “print side down.” Run a test sheet of paper through your printer before loading zūmibox sheets to ensure that you know the correct orientation of your printer.
zūmibox sheets always indicate, with embossed arrows, the direction that the sheet should travel through your printer. The sheets also indicate, with an embossed “Print Side” message, which side of the zūmibox sheet should receive the ink.
It is possible to print on the “back side” of a zūmibox sheet if you want your zūmibox to contain printing on the inside of the box after it is assembled.
Because the backsides of zūmibox sheets do not contain the same micro-porous coatings as the fronts, printing results may vary between the fronts and backs of the sheets.  Also, when printing on the backside of the sheet, you will need to disregard the “Print Side” message on the front of the zūmibox sheet.